Tribute to Tribe #1

La Maison W featuring photographer David Ledoux

For the first edition of "Tribute To Tribe", La Maison W gave David Ledoux a carte blanche to capture the daily lives of French surfing tribes. Having traveled the beaches during the summer of 2017, the photographer delivers a report in which he seizes the ordinary moments of life of a community.

This immersion in the tribe of surfers result powerful shots. So many faces, moments of intimacy and authenticity of a daily captured in the moment.

This attachment to know, reveal and draw tribal lifestyle is a reason to be for La Maison W. A group dedicated to premium and lifestyle brands. Not exclusive but inclusive brands that rely on their faithful community, to reveal and live their personality.

Artistic production, filming, installations, interactive experiences, storytelling, etc.

La Maison W brings together all contemporary forms of expression to create or strengthen the unique ties that link iconic brands to their communities.

Discover the pictures of the event here: Facebook   Instagram

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