Thalassa reinvents itself and aims to win new customers seeking time for self-care and more lasting sense of well-being.

La Maison W has helped the AccorHotels group brand across 13 exceptional destinations—including Le Touquet and Quiberon—to reposition, develop its services and its identity.

As daily life is increasingly dictated by obligations, everyone tinkers with their own idea of well-being. But without an overall vision, and without taking a step back, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the ‘shoulds’. Well-being is not something that can be consumed. It is something one finds. That is why we believe nothing is more effective than hitting pause to actively work on oneself.

Actively hitting pause is the new brand concept featuring the slogan ma pause, mon énergie (Pause for energy).

A new identity, built around the Pause symbol, present in the ‘t’ and ‘h’ of Thalassa, expresses a harmonious brand language that turns each visual into a snapshot of a movement.

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