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In line with article 6 of French law n° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for security in digital economy, users of the site are hereby informed of the identity of the site’s various participants in terms of production and tracking:

Owner: W&Cie
Public limited company with a board of directors
SIRET number: 41434477000055
1 Cours de l’Ile Seguin
92650 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex
01 72 27 00 42

Creator: W&Cie
Publication director: Denis GANCEL, CEO
Hosting: Havas
29/20 quai de Dion Bouton


The use of the site implies your full and complete acceptance of the general terms and conditions of use described below. The site is regularly updated. These terms and conditions therefore may be modified or changed at any time, so users of the site are invited to consult the terms and conditions regularly. The use of services provided by W&Cie after modification of the terms and conditions of use implies complete and total acceptance of the new conditions by the user. Similarly, the legal notices concerning the user can be modified at any time, so the user is invited to consult them as often as possible in order to remain aware of them.

Normally this site is accessible to users at all times. However, access can be interrupted for technical reasons as chosen by, who will make every effort to provide prior notice to users on the dates and hours of technical service outages.


The objective of the site is to provide information on all of the company’s activities.

On the site, W&Cie will strive to provide information that is as accurate as possible. However, it cannot be held responsible for omissions, errors and deficiencies in updates, whether through fault of the company or of its partners providing the information.

All information on the site are provided for information purposes only and may be modified at any time. In addition, the information provided on the site is not all-inclusive, and may not reflect changes occurring after publishing online.


The site uses JavaScript technology.

The internet site cannot be held responsible for damage linked to utilisation of the site.

The user agrees that utilisation of the site is at the user’s own risk and peril, and therefore the user is responsible for accessing the site using recent equipment without viruses and using a latest-generation, recently updated browser.


W&Cie holds all intellectual property rights and rights of usage on all the elements accessible on the site, notably texts, images, graphics, logo, icons, sounds, and software. These items are protected by legislation applicable to intellectual property rights.

Therefore, all copying, reproducing, or republishing of any of the elements of the aforementioned site in part or in whole and by any means whatsoever, without prior written consent of W&Cie, is strictly forbidden and liable to prosecution under the terms of articles L. 335-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code. Any infractions are liable for civil and criminal penalties notably under the articles L. 335-1 et L.343-1 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Nothing in these general terms and conditions shall be interpreted as giving any user the rights to any intellectual property therein, the copyright and intellectual property rights of which are held exclusively by W&Cie.

The European Union brand "LA MAISON W" n° 016211088 was filed for copyright in the name of W&Cie on December 28, 2016.

Any reproduction, representation, distribution of this brand made wholly or in part of any nature whatsoever is prohibited.


W&Cie cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from the user’s equipment when accessing the W&Cie site, and resulting either from the user’s equipment not meeting the specifications indicated in note 4 or from a bug or incompatibility.

W&Cie also cannot be held responsible for indirect damages (for example, loss of market share or loss of opportunity) following utilisation of the site

Interactive spaces (the opportunity to ask questions in the contact space) are available to users. W&Cie reserves the right to delete, without prior notice, any content written in these spaces that might be in violation of the laws in force in France, notably those relating to data protection. If necessary, W&Cie reserves the right to attribute civil and/or criminal liability to the user, notably in cases of messages of racist, libelous, defamatory and/or pornographic nature, regardless of the means of conveyance (text, photography, etc.).


In France, personal data are protected by the law n° 78-87 of January 6, 1978 and modified by the law n° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004.

Databases are protected by the law of July 1, 1998 applying the 96/9/CE Directive of the European Parliament and Council of March 11, 1996 relating to the legal protection of databases. When using the site, the following may be collected: the URL of intermediary links utilised by the user to access the site; the user’s ISP (internet service provider); the user’s IP (internet protocol) address. The user provides this information in full knowledge of all considerations involved, notably when directly typed in by the user. It is entirely up to the user’s discretion to provide this information or not when using the site In any event, W&Cie only collects the user’s personal data when required by some of the services offered on the site The collected information are thus digitally treated for:

  • developing traffic and statistical measurements;

In compliance with articles 38 and in accordance with the law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 regarding information technology, files and civil liberties, modified in 2004, all users retain the right to access, rectify and oppose personal data relating to themselves. The user can exercise this right by mail by addressing a written signed request to W&Cie, 1 Cours de l’Ile Seguin – 92650 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex, accompanied by a copy of identification papers with the holder’s signature, and indicating an address where a response should be sent.

No personal data from users of the site are collected without the user’s knowledge, nor exchanged, transferred, given or sold to any third parties. Only the buyout of W&Cie and its rights would allow the transfer of said information to the future acquirer who would in turn be under the same obligation concerning saving and modification of data of the user of the site

W&Cie agrees to take all useful precautions, technical and organisational measures to preserve the confidentiality, security and integrity of users’ personal data, notably to avoid any unauthorised third-party access to it.

Internet users’ personal data will only be kept as long as strictly necessary for the ends and IT processing as described in these terms and conditions. At the end of that time, the personal data will be erased. These personal data can however be archived beyond the time period described above for the needs of research, observation, and criminal prosecution proceedings, in the sole aim to allow judicial authorities access to these personal data. Archived personal data will be rendered anonymous and will no longer be accessible online. It could however be saved on an autonomous secure device.


The site contains a certain amount of hypertext links towards other sites, implemented with the approval of W&Cie. However, W&Cie cannot verify the content of the sites visited and cannot under any circumstances assume any responsibility for them.

Navigation on the site can cause cookies to be installed on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small file that does not enable identification of a user, but records information relating to a computer navigating on a site. Data collected in this way serves to facilitate future navigation on the site, and also enables measuring various traffic data. Disabling cookie installment may mean you will not be able to use some services. To disable cookie installment, the user can configure her or his computer in the following way:

  • For Mozilla Firefox: Choose the "tools" menu then "options." Click on the "Privacy" icon. Find the "Cookie" menu , then select the options you want.
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer: Choose the "Tools" menu then "Internet options." Click on the "Privacy" tab and select the menu you want with the cursor.
  • For Opera 6.0 and above: Choose the "File" menu, "Preferences" then "Privacy."
  • For Google Chrome: Choose the Plus icon then "Settings" then "Show advanced settings", then "Content settings".


All litigation related to the use of the site is under French law. In the event of contention and when the parties involved cannot reach an amicable solution, the court of final resort of the Versailles Court of Appeal will solely have jurisdiction to hear the dispute.


Law n° 78-87 of January 6, 1978, modified by the law n° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004 concerning information technology, files and civil liberties.

Law n° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for security in digital economy.


User: An internet user connected to/using the site.

Personal data: "Consists of data of a personal character all information relating to a physical person whose identity is known or can be discovered, directly or indirectly, by referring to an identification number or one or several elements that belong solely to the person." (article 2 of law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978).

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