Artistic production, filming, installations, interactive experiences, storytelling, etc.

La Maison W brings together all contemporary forms of expression to create or strengthen the unique ties that link iconic brands to their communities.

It's a subsidiary with soul, created to enhance the customer’s experience, and foster long-lasting brand preference.

It is online and on site, in media and on social networks; in architecture, branding, communications, digital, editorial... La Maison W is based on 5 areas of expertise.

Our “tailored” services

Two workshops are the cornerstones of this service:

  • The Writing House (La Maison d’Écriture) which, to increase content, provides writing on demand to give brands personalised storytelling.
  • The Image House (La Maison de l’Image) which, beyond the most beautiful current design and photographic identities, can also create imaginary worlds that inspire as well as set a brand apart.

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